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How To Eliminate Fraud for Freight Brokers

Fraud is becoming more rampant in the transportation industry. From double-brokering to stolen loads, the scams are becoming ever more invasive. To combat this, brokers need to use technology to eliminate potential fraud and find ways to proactively engage with customers when issues do arise.

Hear from Ryan Transportation’s SVP Jeff Henderson and Trucker Tools’ CTO, Murali Yellepeddy as they discuss the following:

  1. Fraud and why it's an increasing problem in the industry
  2. How pre-vetted relationships help protect against fraud
  3. How to leverage technology to prevent fraud both domestically and across borders

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Technology is a key source to preventing fraud

Technology, such as Trucker Tools, can help you prevent fraud by alerting you when a load is off route, allowing drivers to upload documents directly through the app to your TMS, and giving you consistent visibility to where your freight is at all times. 

Webinar Quotes

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We’ve caught a big number of fraudulent issues thanks to Trucker Tools. Trucker Tools is the first place we check. It’s our first line of defense. If we see a ping that is overseas or off-route, we can get the shipper or carrier actively involved and have photos taken to ensure it’s the same load. We’re really able to get ahead of nefarious activity with Trucker Tools.

Jeff Henderson
Jeff Henderson
SVP, Ryan Transportation
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It is our collective responsibility to weed out these scammers. Brokers, carriers, owner operators, and vendors together.

Murali Yellepeddy
Murali Yellepeddy
CTO, Trucker Tools