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Text to Track

Leverage Text to Track to ensure your loads are being tracked and documented in your TMS platform. With SMS load tracking, know where every load is—in real time, from beginning to end—all from a single pane of glass that's seamlessly integrated into your systems and workflows for maximum efficiency.

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Why Text to Track

We like to think of the Trucker Tools’ fully integrated tracking suite as your one-stop-shop for increasing compliance. With the industry’s most-downloaded app, highest-quality ELD integrations, and best in class SMS tracking, Trucker Tools’ simple and intuitive tech makes compliance effortless, ensuring your operations are protected and running with maximum efficiency.


Simplify Compliance

Trucker Tools’ full tracking suite increases compliance and ensures no load goes untracked. With options to track via ELD, app, or text, our platform automation will select the best tracking method for your loads. 


Compile Documentation

Leverage Trucker Tools’ TMS integration to receive Text to Track location updates, comments, images, and documents, like Proof of Delivery, in your TMS, just like our mobile app and ELD tracking.


Scale Carrier Network

Grow your carrier network with Trucker Tools’ fully integrated tracking suite. If your preferred carriers are unable to support ELD or smartphone tracks, leverage our Text to Track platform.


Streamline Load Tracking

One provider for text tracking, another for mobile? Say good-bye to piecemealing your load tracking partners. Streamline visibility with Trucker Tools’ fully integrated tracking suite, complete with SMS, mobile app, and ELD support.

How it Works


Broker enters driver contact information


Text to Track sends driver one-time WhatsApp and SMS message with a tracking link


Driver clicks the link and tracking information is automatically sent to your TMS.

Customized Visibility for your Brokerage

Take the first step today and become one of the many Trucker Tools clients to benefit from 90+% load visibility, increased load bookings without additional headcount, and more trusted carrier relationships.

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