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Top Strategies for Preventing Fraud

Fraud across the industry is increasing at an unprecedented rate, with an estimated $700M being lost to freight fraud. So what are some strategies that brokers can put in place to help prevent fraud from happening?

Watch this recording with Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski, from Freight Caviar, and Kary Jablonski, CEO of Trucker Tools, as they discuss: 

  • What are the most common types of fraud and where are they happening today?
  • What are real life examples of fraud seen in the industry today?
  • What internal strategies can brokers put in place to prevent fraud?
  • What are some useful technology sources that help to identify potential threats and proactively avoid them from happening?

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Carrier vetting and relationships

Fraud is so rampant in the industry today that building relationships and deeply vetting new carriers are key to avoiding fraudulent scams. The biggest strategy to prevent fraud currently is to continuously re-use carriers you trust.

Webinar Quotes

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Right now we've seen a surge of people impersonating brokers. These scammers buy domains that are similar to a brokers domain and essentially start posting loads that they will get paid on but won't pay the carrier. 

Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski
Paul-Bernard Jaroslawski
Founder & President, Freight Caviar
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If a truck goes off of a toll road in certain regions, there's a high likelihood that there could be nefarious activity. So we are introducing a number of solutions in our visibility platform, like off-route alerting, so you are proactively alerted and can get hands on that before things get too out of hand.

Kary Jablonski
Kary Jablonski
CEO, Trucker Tools